Microsoft Access Complete Course: Beginner to Advanced

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  • Course Introduction and Exercise Files
    Course Topics and Flow3:03
    Course Exercise Files - Download These First!
  • Access Overview - Quick Overview of Access Interface
    Opening Microsoft Access3:51
    Access Quick Access Toolbar3:05
    Working with the Access Ribbon3:45
    Access Object Panel4:12
    Access File Tab3:19
    Access Security Prompt3:19
  • Access Overview - Fundamentals of Access Objects
    Understanding the Purpose of Access Tables8:46
    Building Relationships between Access Tables5:37
    Using Access Queries to Select Specific Data9:15
    Building a User Interface with Access Forms7:34
    Reporting on Access Data with Access Reports5:53
    Automate Access Tasks with Macros and VBA4:06
  • Access Tables - Working with Table Data
    Working in Datasheet View within an Access Table6:15
    Sorting the Datasheet View3:19
    Filtering the Datasheet View with Filter by Selection3:33
    Filter the Datasheet View with Advanced Filter4:35
  • Access Tables - Creating Tables in Your Access Database
    Preview the "Student Course" Database Tables3:36
    Creating an Access Database3:42
    Designing Access Tables in Design View10:23
    Adding Fields and Defining Common Data Types in an Access Table5:32
    Field Size Property5:45
    Field Caption Property2:48
    Default Value Property4:08
    Required Field Property1:30
    Input Mask Property9:18
    Custom Input Mask4:52
    Working with the Lookup Wizard Data Type4:29
    Edit a Table Field Drop Down1:54
    Adding Field Descriptions2:00
    Setting the Table's Primary Key Field5:49
    Adding Records in the Datasheet View3:28
  • Access Tables - Microsoft Access Table Exercise
    Table Exercise Introduction3:11
    Building Additional Tables
  • Access Tables - Working with Access Table Relationships
    Understanding Access Table Relationships5:37
    Creating Access Table Relationships8:29
    Setting Up "Better" Table Relationships9:20
    Setting the Relationship Properties6:16
    Table Relationships Cascade Update/Delete4:41
    Working with Sub Datasheets in Tables3:06
    Creating Table Relationships with the Lookup Wizard7:24
  • Access Queries - Working with Access Select Queries
    Creating an Access Select Query6:26
    Adding Criteria to an Access Select Query2:52
    Using AND Conditions in an Access Query3:06
    Using OR Conditions in an Access Query2:40
    Another OR Condition2:11
    Sorting Data within an Access Select Query1:42
    Multi-Level Query Sort3:35
    Working with Date Criteria in an Access Select Query4:01
    Using the "Between" Operator2:00
    Access Query Tip -- Using Table Fields within Query Criteria5:06
    Using Wildcards in Query Criteria5:51
    Access Query Tip --- DATA TYPE MISMATCH5:55
    Saving an Access Query2:08
  • Access Queries - Query Calculated Fields
    Creating a Calculated Field in an Access Query6:51
    Using the MONTH() and MONTHNAME() Functions8:13
    Using the IF() Function in a Query Calculated Field8:56
    Finding the Difference Between Two Dates Using the DateDiff() Function6:02
  • Access Queries - Summarizing Data in an Access Query
    Working with an Access Total Query2:12
    Grouping and Summarizing Data with a Total Query6:55
    Adding a Calculated Field to a Total Query4:00
    Saving a Total Query1:29
    Total Query Exercise -- Post in the QA Section2:27
    Total Query Example -- Products Table1:34
    Summarizing Data with a Crosstab Query6:28
  • Access Queries - Working with Access Action Queries
    Introduction to Access Action Queries4:17
    Update Access Table Data with an Update Query6:22
    Update Table Data with a Calculation5:08
    Saving an Action Query2:37
    Creating a New Table with an Access Make Table Query5:59
    Deleting Table Data with an Access Delete Query10:26
    Appending Records to an Exisiting Table with an Access Append Query4:46
  • Access Queries -- Querying Multiple Tables with Query Joins
    Creating a Query with Multiple Tables6:59
    Working with Query Joins5:32
    Inner Join and Left Outer Join5:46
  • Access Queries - Parameter Queries
    Parameter Query Preview1:41
    Creating a Single Parameter4:44
    Saving the Parameter Query2:16
    Creating Date Parameters4:38
    Creating Multiple Parameters2:01
    Using Wildcards in Parameters2:49
    Run a Parameter with a Shortcut1:35
  • Access Forms - Building Data Entry Forms
    Starting with a Blank Form3:17
    Adding Form Fields6:52
    Moving Form Fields4:05
    Resizing Form Fields1:23
    Aligning Form Fields5:37
    Spacing Form Fields4:44
    Saving a Form1:03
  • Access Forms - Working with Form Data
    Adding, Deleting and Editing Records6:19
    Sorting Form Records2:13
    Filtering Form Records using Filter by Selection3:16
    Filtering Form Records using Advanced Filter2:17
  • Access Forms - Form Controls
    Introduction to Form Controls3:17
    Adding a Header and Footer4:10
    Creating Calculated Form Fields5:51
    Working with Sub Forms7:13
    Working with the Option Group Control11:14
    Adding the Tab Control to a Form5:58
    Adding Buttons to a Form5:52
  • Access Forms - Formatting Options
    Formatting Field Controls4:53
    Creating Separation with the Line Control3:28
    Changing the Form Background color2:33
  • Access Forms - Building a Database Swithboard
    Preview an Access Switchboard2:43
    Start the Switchboard Manager2:56
    Adding Buttons to the Switchboard4:34
    Fomatting the Switchboard3:59
    Modify the Switchboard2:33
  • Access Forms - Interacting with Queries through Forms
    Preview Filtering Query Data with a Form1:42
    Setting up the Query2:55
    Setting up the Form6:07
    Clean Up the Combo Box Control5:27
    Creating the Form Button to Run the Query2:48
    Adding Form Reference Criteria to the Query3:56
    Running the Query1:36
  • Access Reports - Building an Access Report
    Starting with a Blank Report4:17
    Adding Report Fields6:32
    Laying out Report Fields7:07
    Working with Report Sections4:06
    Formatting Report Fields4:13
    Working with Report Margins and Orientation9:01
    Access Format Painter2:16
    Working with the Header and Footer5:04
    Saving an Access Report1:35
  • Access Reports - Creating Calculated Controls
    Adding a Calculated Field using a Text Box Control6:53
    Adding a Calculated Field using a Check Box Control6:29
  • Access Reports - Advanced Report Group Options
    Grouping and Sorting Reports6:01
    Report Column Headers and Groups3:06
    Repeating Column Headers and Groups2:08
    Group Page Breaks3:28
    Activate Group Footer2:50
    Adding a Group Calculation5:11
  • Getting Started with Microsoft Access VBA
    Access VBA Intro - Section 1 Exercise File Download
    Introduction to the Access VBE (Visual Basic Editor) Window3:46
    Getting Help with Access VBA5:35
  • Working with Access VBA SUB Procedures and Functions
    Access VBA SUB Procedures and Functions - Section 2 Exercise File Download
    Understanding and Creating VBA Modules3:51
    Creating Access VBA SUB Procedures6:08
    Calling an Access VBA SUB Procedure3:29
    Using the Immediate Window4:41
    Creating Access VBA Custom Functions7:22
    Using an Access VBA Function4:09
  • Understanding and Working with Access Objects with VBA
    Access VBA Objects - Section 3 Exercise File Download
    Understanding Access Objects5:00
    Properties, Methods and Events of Access Objects6:08
    Communicating with Access Objects with VBA11:53
    Working with Object Collections8:10
    Using the VBA "With" Statement5:34
    Controlling Access Objects with the "DoCmd" Statement7:40
  • Foundational VBA Programming Concepts
    Access VBA Programming Concepts - Section 4 Exercise File Download
    Storing and Referencing Data with VBA Variables6:54
    Declaring a Variables Data Type4:31
    Understanding the Scope of a VBA Variable7:22
    Creating Logic within VBA Code Using an IF Statement6:34
    Using a VBA Select Case Statement to Branch within Code6:24
    Repeating Blocks of VBA Code with Loops9:47
  • Working with the Access Recordset Object
    Access VBA Recordset Object - Section 5 Exercise File Download
    Creating Object Variables6:29
    Iterating through an Access Recordset9:37
  • Debugging Access VBA Code
    Access VBA Debugging Tools - Section 6 Exercise File Download
    Stepping Through Code a Line at a Time7:23
    Setting Breakpoints with a Procedure4:32
    Adding Error Handling to an Access VBA Procedure6:30
    Using the Access VBA "Err" Object6:22
  • Access VBA - Project #1 Working with Access VBA SUB Procedures
    Project #1 - Introduction and Preview1:09
    Project #1 - Exercise File Download
    Project #1 - Setting up the Form4:53
    Project #1 - Where to Write Your Code5:11
    Project #1 - Creating a SUB Procedure to Open a Form3:23
    Project #1 - Working with the OnClick Event of a Command Button4:47
    Project #1 - Making Reuasable SUB Procedures4:57
    Project #1 - Quick Recap1:12

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Kyle Pew is a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and a certified Microsoft Office Master Instructor and has been teaching and consulting for the past 10+ years on various computer applications, including Microsoft Office Suite, SharePoint End-User, and VBA (Excel and Access).


Deep dive into the popular end-user relational database tool, Microsoft Access with this comprehensive course! This Microsoft Access course combines four different courses in one. Jump in, and you'll walk through everything from the absolute Access basics to more advanced concepts, like building dynamic user data forms and effective reports. By the end of the course, you'll have the know-how required to create effective database tables, automate tasks, and more with this powerful tool.

  • Access 172 lectures & 13 hours of content 24/7
  • Explore creating effective database tables & understanding table relationships
  • Gain knowledge on retrieving data using access queries
  • Get a grip on building dynamic user data forms & effective reports
  • Learn to automate Access database tasks w/ Macros & VBA


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  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web & mobile streaming
  • Certification of completion included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 15 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: beginner


  • Windows machine w/ Microsoft Access 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016</ul


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